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Legendary Texas Bowie - SMKW Exclusive!

Item# MITB1
Brand: Szco®
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Many legends surround the origin of the Texas Bowie--and the man who made it famous, Jim Bowie. One story says Jim originated the concept and then had it made by a blacksmith with the name, ironically, Black. Another says the Bowie was designed and made by Jim's brother. However the knife was born, Jim Bowie made it famous. The knife was at his side or in his hand from the man-to-man battle at Vidalia Sand Bar to the ill-fated Alamo. Today the truth may be hard to distinguish from the legends, but one thing is certain--the Bowie is one of history's most famous knives as well as an American original.

·Stainless steel blade
·Wood handle
·Brass guard, pommel and blade ornament
·10-1/2" clip pt blade length
·Blade width: 2-1/2"
·Blade thickness: 3/16"
·15-3/4" overall
·Leather belt sheath
·SMKW Exclusive!
·Made in China